Meet Kristin J. Thompson

Kristin J. Thompson is a literary and visual artist currently based in St. Louis, MO, with previous residences in Chicago, IL, and Denali, AK. Her illustrious career boasts four acclaimed books of poetry, namely "Into Blue," "Cords," "Glow Worm," and "Every Man is a Boy." Moreover, she holds a prestigious background as the Founder and Art Director of MyrtleHaus Publishing, and the esteemed Lead Curator & Journalist of MyrtleHaus Magazine.

Kristin's literary works have turned the pages of numerous reputable magazines, zines, and anthologies, including the notable "The Gasconade Review 8: Wolf at the Door/Nobody Home" by Spartan Press (OAC Books), "Revelations on Suchland Drive" by River Dog Press, and "The Granny's Tea" poetry magazine in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, her photographic artistry has garnered widespread recognition, emphasizing the profound symbiotic connections within the natural world, from the interplay of body to tree, veins to leaves, and love to the wind. Employing an exclusive film approach, Kristin embraces diverse formats such as 35mm, 120 film, large format, and multiple wet-plate collodion methods. Additionally, she crafts mixed media works, deftly combining film, emulsion lifts, painting, and cyanotype techniques.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Kristin is currently pursuing a career in Biological Archaeology, with a specific focus on organic material to unearth glimpses of the past. Her academic journey has taken her to locations such as Strasbourg, France, and Pylos, Greece, where she contributed to archaeological work at the Bronze Age Mycenaean site in the ancient Greek village of Iklaina.

In her leisure, Kristin enjoys curating events, engaging in adventurous pursuits such as illegal metal detecting, nurturing moths in her kitchen, savoring tea moments with her feline companion on rainy days, creating chainmail jewelry, and tending to (wrangling) animals on an alpaca farm.

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On a broader scale, MyrtleHaus, the brainchild of Kristin, stands as a remarkable queer, woman-owned endeavor. Born from the mission to address the lack of representation of women in St. Louis's literary community, MyrtleHaus has grown beyond Missouri's borders, resonating with audiences worldwide. As an independent publishing house, it warmly welcomes submissions of poetry books, anthologies, and novellas, supporting diverse voices and narratives. Complementing this initiative, MyrtleHaus Magazine, also under Kristin's ownership, publishes luxurious, full-length issues biannually.

The central mission of MyrtleHaus revolves around creating inclusive and safe publications, championing artists, writers, and small/independent businesses, with a special focus on empowering women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals with disabilities.

With Kristin's dedication and MyrtleHaus's laudable vision, they collectively stand poised to enrich the artistic landscape and promote a more diverse and equitable literary community worldwide.

This page features a photograph of Kristin J. Thompson taken by:
Melanie Sanchez

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